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HashFlare.io is a TOP cloud mining service. It belongs to the HashCoins Company, which was founded in 2013. HashFlare has earned a great number of positive feedbacks, moreover, it provides and guarantees entire service security and safety, including solid experience. All these factors obviously influence the rating and profile of the Company.

HashFlare Cloud Mining


The HashFlare.io service has been operating since 2015 offering the alternative for mining, and undertaking many functions, that makes miners life easier. Its users should not be concerned about expensive electricity, software, constant control of work and the availability of any failures, equipment overheating, the acceptability of sound level and so on.

HashCoins equipment is of high quality and with reasonable prices for contractors. That is why taking into account different forecasts, you have enough time to gain worthy payback.

How it works:

  • Equipment or minera very effective equipment to create various digital currencies, there are many facilities like that in the Company.
  • Pools — miners are usually “connected” to diverse pools, HashFlare has a number of them and of great variety, that allows users to make many combinations/ bounds.
  • Profit – after that all digital sum is divided between Hashflare users. Total profit depends on the investment of every separate participant.

HashFlare.io registration online

HashFlare benefits and opportunities

  • Quick connection – work immediately starts after the payment provided, and the first income will be available within 24 hours
  • Quick output — select the desired amount and output in a moment
  • Clear statistics — you understand what is happening from your personal account area twenty-four seven
  • Capacity distribution — allows you to organize a lucrative bundle
  • Fixed commission — no hidden commissions, all balance changes are fixed

HashFlare makes cloud-based crypto-currency exchange, which is super accessible to any user. You do not need to buy expensive equipment and spend a resource for the additional superstructure of the miners. Only choose the right capacity and go for income.

HashFlare prices:

Cloud mining Scrypt

  • Min. Hashrate: 1mh/s
  • Fee: 0,005$ / 1mh/s / 24ч
  • Hardware: HashCoins Scrypt
  • Auto. payour. in BTC
  • In Stock
  • 1 year/Contract
  • 1mh/s = $7,50
  • Registration
Cloud mining SHA-256

  • Min. Hashrate: 10 gh/s
  • Fee: 0,0035$ / 10gh/s / 24ч
  • Hardware: HashCoins SHA-256
  • Auto. payour. in BTC
  • In Stock
  • 1 year/Contract
  • 10gh/s = $1,50
  • Registration
Cloud mining Ethereum

  • Min. Hashrate: 100 kh/s
  • Fee: no
  • Hardware: GPU Rigs
  • Auto. payour. in ETH
  • In Stock
  • 1 year/Contract
  • 100 kh/s = $2,20
  • Registration
Cloud mining Zcash

  • Min. Hashrate: 1 h/s
  • Fee: no
  • Hardware: GPU Rigs
  • Auto. payout. in ZEC
  • In Stock
  • 1 year/Contract
  • 1 h/s = $2,00
  • Registration
Cloud mining Dash

  • Min. Hashrate: 1 h/s
  • Fee: no
  • Hardware: Multi-Factor
  • Auto. payout. in DASH
  • In Stock
  • 1 year/Contract
  • 1 h/s = $3,20
  • Registration

HashFlare контактыHashFlare account

  • E: info[@]hashflare.io
  • Tel: +44 131 564 0074
  • Tartu mnt 43, Tallinn 10128, Estonia
  • https://www.facebook.com/HashFlare
  • https://twitter.com/hashflare
  • http://geektimes.ru/company/hashflare
  • https://instagram.com/hashcoins
  • https://vk.com/hashflare

Shortly HashFlare

  • Goal: to make available the mining of cryptocurrency to everyone
  • The service supports digital currencies and the Bitcoin network
  • The company strives to maintain the profitability of customers at 200% ROI / year
  • Cloud mining allows you to make low start working with cryptocurrencies
  • All the details you can find about HashFlare on the website or on the main page: https://cryptodzen.com

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